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Massage Techniques that Relieve Migraine Pain

May 14th, 2014 • Posted by Atlantis Health Network • Permalink

If you deal with migraines, you'll likely try anything to calm the pain. Migraines can be debilitating, leaving you in a dark bedroom hoping the pain subsides. In addition to migraine medication, self-massage can reduce the pain. Here's a look at a few do-it-yourself massage techniques to relieve the pressure:

Pinch the bridge of your nose

Using your thumb and index fingers as pinchers, grab the bridge of your nose and apply firm pressure for ten seconds. Release the pressure and repeat this process up to five times.

Massage your temple

Using the pads of your index and middle finger gently massage your temples in a circular motion. Start with light pressure and gradually increase it. Keep the circles small and work slowly.

Stretch and massage your neck

Take a few minutes to stretch the muscles in your neck. Afterwards, start massaging your neck at the base of your shoulders and work up towards the base of your skull. Work slowly in circular motions and increase pressure gradually.

For some migraine sufferers, getting a routine massage helps prevent attacks. Talk with your doctor about adding massage therapy to your treatment plan.

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